Pediatric Residents PL-III

Miranda Bacon, DO

Name: Miranda Bacon, DO

Medical School: Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Home: Beaverton, OR

Career Goals: Primary care pediatrics

Hobbies: I love hiking, cooking, baking, eating (of course), playing board games (fun or nerdy, I'm all for it), and watching Netflix (even though I somehow always find my way back to The Office).

Why you chose Inova and program pluses: I originally chose Inova based on location, but the more I learned about it, the more I fell in love. My away rotation at Inova during my fourth year of medical school was such an incredible experience, and I got to know a lot of the residents, attendings and staff. Their inclusiveness, willingness to teach and overall kindness were what really drew me to the program. I am so excited to be in such a supportive environment.

David Bastawrous, DO

Name: David Bastawrous, DO

Medical School: Lincoln Memorial University, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine

Home: Fairfax, VA

Career Goals: Neonatal intensive care, pediatric emergency medicine

Hobbies: Reading, pickup soccer and basketball

Why you chose Inova and program pluses: Inova’s program is small enough to develop close relationships with the residents and faculty, yet large and diverse enough to see those "zebras" and to learn how to handle a large patient load. It has an impressive fellowship match and immensely kind and supportive faculty and residents. The Washington, DC region offers endless things to see and do as well.

Hayley Busch, DO

Name: Haley Busch, DO

Medical School: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Home: Philadelphia, PA

Career Goals: Neonatology, global medicine

Hobbies: I enjoy traveling, painting, hiking, kayaking and other outdoor activities.

Why you chose Inova and program pluses: I did a fourth-year rotation at Inova Children's and loved it. The residents and faculty were very welcoming and supportive, and all of them were great educators. Inova also carries a plethora of diverse pathologies and great learning experiences. In addition, I was looking for a medium-sized program (I've enjoyed getting to know all of my cointerns) and love the proximity to Washington, DC.

Priyanka Chati, DO

Name: Priyanka Chati, DO

Medical School: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine – Virginia

Home: Roanoke, VA

Career Goals: Fellowship, outpatient pediatrics

Hobbies: I love trying new restaurants, eating, cooking, traveling and running.

Why you chose Inova and program pluses: I fell in love with Inova when I did an away rotation as a fourth-year medical student. I was astonished by the robust training provided by the faculty mentors here, who go above and beyond to give us the education required to excel in a fast-paced environment. With such a large patient volume and diverse population, training at Inova allows residents to see a wide range of pathology. In addition, the location was key for me to be close to my family and friends. The medium class size, emphasis on wellness throughout the residency program, robust academics and location all made my decision easy.

Jordan Hill, MD

Name: Jordan Hill, MD

Medical School: Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine at Marshall University

Home: Charleston, WV

Career Goals: Undecided

Hobbies: I enjoy baking, balanced by exercise and nutrition, as well as hiking, beach bumming, and spending time with friends and family.

Why you chose Inova and program pluses: I loved the family feel of the program and appreciate the relationships you're able to form with your peers as well as attendings at this size of a program. Also, I love the Washington, DC region.

Hyungjoo Jeong, MD

Name: Hyungjoo Jeong, MD

Medical School: Chonnam National University School of Medicine

Home: Seoul, Korea

Career Goals: Pediatric intensive care, neonatal intensive care, pediatric emergency medicine

Hobbies: I like to work out, watch movies and dramas, practice Jiu Jitsu, go scuba diving, and go snowboarding.

Why you chose Inova and program pluses: Inova has a moderate program size with an excellent curriculum and diversity of patient population, which extends the range of experience during training.

Diana Jo, MD

Name: Diana Jo, MD

Medical School: Frank H. Netter School of Medicine, Quinnipiac University

Home: Toronto, Canada

Career Goals: Fellowship

Hobbies: I enjoy cooking, travelling, painting, hiking, camping and petting as many dogs as I can.

Why you chose Inova and program pluses: I wanted to be in a program with excellent teaching faculty in a hospital that provides the highest level of pediatric care for a diverse patient population. It was also important that the program wasn’t so large that I would get lost in the shuffle. At Inova, I felt the residents had genuine relationships with each other and with the attendings. Lastly, Northern Virginia and the Washington, DC region are fantastic places for those who love everything a city has to offer, while remaining a short drive away from nature.

Kenia Lobo, DO

Name: Kenia Lobo, DO

Medical School: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine

Home: Silver Spring, MD

Career Goals: Pediatric emergency medicine or primary care

Hobbies: I like playing soccer, visiting new places, and spending time with my family and friends.

Why you chose Inova and program pluses: During my acting internship, I was able to see what a great learning environment Inova has. Its location was also perfect, because I get to be near my family. I love working with this patient population. Lastly, the size of the program was a great fit for me.

Sharon Longo, DO

Name: Sharon Longo, DO

Medical School: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Home: Wolcott, CT

Career Goals: Primary care pediatrics, pediatric sports medicine

Hobbies: I love running, hiking, yoga, reading (especially Harry Potter), and spending time with my friends and big Italian family.

Why you chose Inova and program pluses: First and foremost, Inova offered numerous educational and career opportunities that would allow me to become a competent, independent pediatrician during residency and achieve the career I have been working toward for years. What was equally important in choosing Inova, however, was "the feeling" that I had on my interview day, as well as the friendliness, warmth and support that I could see was at the heart of this program.

Mitra Mays, DO

Name: Mitra Mays, DO

Medical School: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine

Home: Fairfax, VA

Career Goals: Primary care pediatrics

Hobbies: I enjoy growing plants, hiking, cooking and practicing yoga.

Why you chose Inova and program pluses: I chose Inova for the supportive culture, diversity in patient population and the vast learning opportunities it offers. I love the size of the class and the supportive culture of the program. I grew up in the area and absolutely love living in Northern Virginia.

Mary Meyer, MD

Name: Mary Meyer, MD

Medical School: Loma Linda University School of Medicine

Home: San Jose, CA

Career Goals: Outpatient primary care, pediatric hematology/oncology

Hobbies: I like to play games (board games, card games and logic puzzles, to name a few) and go rock climbing.

Why you chose Inova and program pluses: I was first drawn to Inova because of its great location in Northern Virginia, near Washington, DC. Then as I learned more and more about Inova, it seemed like a great fit for me: the academic half-day, the large volume and diversity of patients, and the very supportive faculty and staff. The small details and differences in this program compared to others, such as the option to switch your continuity clinic to a specialty clinic during your third year, also showed me how thoughtful the leadership of the program is. And, of course, the residents: The residents I met were very encouraging and friendly. They were who I wanted to be on a team with.

Shevani Sahai, MD

Name: Shevani Sahai, MD

Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine

Home: Gainesville, VA

Career Goals: Primary care pediatrics

Hobbies: I’m super creative and love anything DIY: crafting, painting, cooking, baking, event planning and décor. I am also a huge social butterfly, so I love spending time with my local friends and family – checking out new restaurants, attending festivals and going camping. Lately, I have been spending lots of time training (and also spoiling) our new Australian Shepherd puppy, Zoey.

Why you chose Inova and program pluses: Inova was my satellite campus for the last two years of medical school, and it truly became my second home. Everyone was kind and patient, welcoming me with such warmth. We're more like a family than colleagues. Inova was also a huge staple in my community growing up – driving around our area, you really can’t go more than five miles without seeing our logo on a building. We truly are elbows deep in this community, making sure Northern Virginia stays healthy. Inova Children's Hospital is in a new building, so it's gorgeous: very patient-centered and updated with the latest technology, making it a great place to come to work every day.

Clara Thomson, MD

Name: Clara Thomson, MD

Medical School: University of Oklahoma College of Medicine

Home: Edmond, OK

Career Goals: Primary care pediatrics, allergy, adolescent medicine

Hobbies: Anyone who knows me knows how important music is to me. I have always loved to create and sing. I am a part of a nonprofit called Katie's Art Project, and I am always looking for ways to connect medicine with other industries, from business to advocacy. I'm a dog lover and enjoy traveling. Occasionally, I manage my personal blog, CallMeClarity.

Why you chose Inova and program pluses: All my roads in life led to this place somehow. When I was an acting intern at Inova, I connected with the culture, the welcoming people, the faculty, the chance to practice advocacy with Capitol Hill 30 minutes away, and the community-based program that still had a rich and rigorous academic vibe. I knew that being close to the capital in a place as eclectic as the Washington, DC region would give me opportunities to grow in and out of medicine if I just looked for them. Coming from the Midwest was a change of pace that was good for me, and this area is filled with so much to do, eat, connect with and learn about.