Inova care sites are open – Your health is our priority

All Inova sites are open and serving patients. However, the global IT outage has affected some Inova technology systems. As patient safety is our top priority, we have taken measures to limit the impact to patient care while we work to fully restore standard operations.

Patient Rooms

Inova Children’s Hospital offers all private pediatric rooms as well as private and semiprivate NICU rooms. Each room is designed to give space to the child, the family, and the medical team to all function together.
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Child patient room


Please keep your child’s bed rails up at all times for safety purposes, as hospital beds are higher than those at home. Your child’s bed has a special panel to control bed settings, room lighting and the television. There is also a nurse call button. The parent sofa converts to a bed so that a parent can stay overnight comfortably with their child.

Internet access

Our patient rooms and family lounges are Internet ready and have access to free Wifi.


Telephones are located in each room. For local calls, dial 9 then the number you are calling. Dial 0 for operator assistance. Should you need to make long distance calls directly from the room, they will be charged to your hospital account. Special telephones are available for patients and families with hearing impairments.


All private patient rooms include a TV with a station guide. Each nurses station is equipped with a listing of programs and channels. General information about the hospital, including an introduction to the hospital team, can be found on channel 67 for English. Each room also has a video game system that can also play movies and music to help make the stay more comfortable. Some patients may not be able to use this system based on their medical condition.

White boards

Each room has a white board with important information for the family and team. Here you will see your child’s care team, the plan for the day, and other important things for you to know. We also invite families to write questions for the care team on this board. This allows you to write up your questions when you think of them, and the team can address them when they come in.

Rooms also have a smaller white board and flyer holder, located on the outside of the door. (The PICU and NICU do not have these boards). If your child is on isolation, the staff will put a sign in the flyer holder. This will inform people of the proper precautions to take before entering the room. The smaller white board is a place where parents can write messages for the staff to see before they enter the room. This could be a simple request to come back later, if at all possible, or a specific request for our volunteers to bring toys or items to your child.


If your child is in isolation, it means he or she may have something that could pass to others through contact or through the air. This also means that you and your child will not be able to leave the room. The entire team is here to support you during this time and will bring everything you may need to the room. This can include snacks, meals and toys for your child.


MyChart is a free service offered by participating Inova medical facilities and doctors' offices that offers patients personalized and secure on-line access to portions of their medical records. It enables you to securely use the Internet to help manage and receive information about your health.

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