Pediatric Transport

Inova Children's Hospital Critical Care Ambulance

One Call Center - 24 Hours A Day: 1-877-900-9543

picture of a brightly colored specialized pediatric ambulance with cartoons of kids on the side The One Call center for pediatric transport is ready 24 hours a day to receive your call, connect you directly to the appropriate physician, and manage the admissions and transport process – no matter how tiny or sick the patient.

Caring for children is special – and so is the Inova Children's Hospital critical care ambulance. Equipped with leading-edge technology and a dedicated team, this pediatric ambulance is the only one of its kind in the state of Virginia.

Inova Children's Hospital critical care ambulance can carry any of the following combinations:

  • 2 isolettes
  • 2 pediatric stretchers
  • 1 isolette and 1 stretcher
  • Up to 12 infants in the case of emergency

For referral, admissions and transport call 1-877-900-9543 (1-877-900-9KID)