Neurodevelopmental Clinic

Children with complex congenital cardiac disease are at increased risk for neurodevelopmental delays and disabilities. In 2012, the American Heart Association identified those infants at highest risk and recommended early screening and intervention in order to provide these children with the necessary resources to help them achieve their highest neurodevelopmental potential. Inova Children’s Heart Center partners with our pediatric rehabilitation specialists to provide this service to our “at risk” population. The Follow-Along Clinic provides developmental evaluation for infants and children who have experienced:

  • Cardiac arrest

  • Extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) support

  • Regional cerebral perfusion techniques, utilized for certain complex neonatal surgical procedures

The Pediatric Rehabilitation specialists consist of physical, occupational, speech and language therapists who utilize a standardized developmental assessment tool to determine:

  • Mental abilities

  • Motor skills

  • Speech skills

  • Problems of weakness or tone (via neurologic screening)

    Recommendations are provided for:

    • Home activities to promote infants’ developmental potential

    • Referral to community-based resource centers as appropriate

The Follow-Along Clinic team works with the patient, family and primary medical team to ensure that patients receive support in managing any neurodevelopmental concerns, even after they leave the hospital.

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