Children's Otolaryngology

Inova pediatric otolaryngologists specialize in the medical and surgical treatment of ear, nose and throat diseases in children. Our services include:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose and throat disorders
  • Diagnosis of head and neck diseases
  • Head and neck surgery
  • Identifying communication disorders

Inova Children’s Otolaryngology (ENT) Specialists

Dr. TsangChristopher Tsang, MD

Dr. Christopher Tsang is a specialty care physician board certified in otolaryngology at Inova Health System. He joined Inova in 2023 and has been practicing since 2012.

Prior to joining Inova, Dr. Tsang worked as a pediatric otolaryngology, otology and general otolaryngology physician at ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery in McLean, VA.

Other Pediatric ENT Providers

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