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Children's Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

A child's leg in a cast

The Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Program at Inova Children’s Hospital includes pediatric surgeons who work closely with a comprehensive medical team specialized in the treatment of infants, children and teens with musculoskeletal conditions and injuries.

Our goal is to help patients reach their full potential, whether it’s returning to a sport or simply enjoying being a kid.

We can help with the diagnosis and treatment of any musculoskeletal condition, from broken bones and sports injuries to more complex cases of scoliosis (see Scoliosis and Spine program) and rare congenital disorders most often or only seen in children. We also help athletes with pre-participation examinations for sports programs.

Specialized treatment for pediatric osteosarcoma

Inova Children's Hospital is the only hospital in Northern Virginia with the expertise to diagnose and treat pediatric osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer seen in children and adolescents. Learn more about the diagnosis and treatment of bone tumors in young patients blue arrow