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EpicCare Mobile Apps: Haiku and Canto

24/7 Access to Epic

EpicCare’s mobile apps keep you connected with your patients, your practice and your fellow physicians – wherever you are – 24/7

Haiku is EpicCare’s mobile app for the iPhone® and Droid®. Canto is the mobile app for the iPad®. These two apps give Inova’s practitioners secure and portable access to patient charts. Whether you are in the hallways of your practice, rounding at the hospital or relaxing at home, accessing your patients’ information is easy and convenient.

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Detail and functionality

Both Haiku and Canto provide easy access to chart review, patient lists, schedules, and messaging. Specific functions of both applications include:

  • Find patients in the system
  • Access patient lists
  • Access your outpatient schedule
  • Search the database for patients not on your list or schedule
  • Review and update patient information
  • Keep up to date on medications, allergies, immunizations, medical history or the problem list
  • View reports about outpatient encounters including diagnosis and orders
  • View reports on inpatient encounters including admission notes, vitals, active orders and discharge. (Note writing is not available with these apps.)
  • Review previous encounters
  • Review patient results including labs and imaging; and see new or abnormal results immediately
  • Read and reply to Staff and Results messages from InBasket

Safe and secure

Haiku and Canto are completely secure and confidential. All data transmitted to and from the server are encrypted using SSL.

Because 2-factor authentication is embedded in the app, you will not need to use a fob to access Haiku or Canto. Additionally, Haiku and Canto are assigned to specific devices; therefore you cannot access the apps from someone else’s device.

Easy to learn, easy to use

Just like other applications already on your mobile devices, Haiku and Canto are designed to be intuitive. With the Physician Quick Start Guide, you can learn to use them quickly and easily. Many physicians report the Guide is all they need to get up to speed immediately.

Start your download process

You can download the free Haiku or Canto app from your device app store. To activate the app, you must first be approved and set up in Inova’s EpicCare system. Send an email with your request, including your name, credentials, contact info and your install ID*, to Your user name and password for Haiku and Canto will be the same as your EpicCare login.

*Instructions for finding the install ID

To find the Epic-generated identifier for an Apple device using client version Mobile Apps 2.0 or later, tap the banner that displays the environment at the top of the Login screen. If the main configuration list doesn't appear, tap the Configurations button, and then tap the Identifier button. Select the option to email the identifier. For Android devices, download the Haiku app from Google Play (no charge).  Once downloaded, open the Haiku app, then Settings then About. Your device ID will be displayed. Send along that device ID to the email address above to get set up. You can enter the settings above to access the production server.

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