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Guiding Your Child Through COVID-19

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Most children are aware of the new coronavirus from news, social media, or school and event closures. Children benefit from simple, honest communication to prevent worry, fear or misconceptions about new life experiences. Children often sense their caregiver's worry and stress, and that can lead to the child experiencing similar feelings.

The child life specialists at Inova Children’s Hospital have created the following resources to provide you with child-friendly language to guide your conversations with children and ideas to support your family during this time of constant change.

FCPS - Peds. Safety of vaccination from Inova on Vimeo.

More videos and information in multiple languages: COVID-19 Vaccination for Children Ages 5-11 – Fairfax County Public Schools


COVID-19 Vaccine for Children and Teens

Additional Resources


A Caregiver's Guide to At-Home Schooling and Sample Schedule

Your school district might be converting to distance learning, which may have you worried about how to create a school routine at home. Inova Children’s Hospital has some useful tips, as well as a sample school schedule to help you get started.

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A Caregiver’s Guide to Help Children Feel Comfortable Wearing a Mask

Children see people wear masks in public and on TV and are, perhaps, wearing masks themselves. Because wearing a mask is new and different, children might have questions or concerns. Here are some creative tips and child-friendly language to help children feel more comfortable wearing masks.

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Child-Friendly Explanations of New Words Your Child May Hear in the Pandemic

When explaining things to children, it can be helpful to ask them what they have heard or what they think something means before giving your explanation. This gives you an opportunity to build off their current understanding and clarify any misconceptions.

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Common Developmental Stressors and Tips to Help

Learn common stressors for your child's age group and tips to help with coping.

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Creating a COVID-19 Compliance Incentive Chart

An incentive chart can be a great visual motivator for children to complete tasks. Children can see their progress and feel encouraged to reach the end prize. It also gives them a sense of control with appropriate input such as choosing the stickers or prizes.

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Creating a Sense of Normalcy During the Pandemic

Children are keenly aware of changes to their routines and those of their family. They may feel confused or uncertain about what each day will look like. Creating a sense of normalcy allows children to have predictability in their day, which can promote feelings of security.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Coronavirus by Children

As a result of overhearing information on the news, through social media and during adults’ conversations, children may have misconceptions about coronavirus. It is important to encourage open communication and let your child know that it is okay to ask questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 Testing for Children

Find easy answers to commonly asked questions about COVID-19 testing for children.

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How to Help Your Child Stay Safe and Keep Others Healthy

Children love to help adults and demonstrate new skills they have mastered. They like to have control and independence, which fosters a sense of autonomy and accomplishment. Giving your child a “job” or a “role” to keep everyone safe and healthy can make your child feel important and motivated.

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Promote and Practice Positive Coping in the Pandemic

Discover some creative tips for modeling and encouraging positive coping techniques in children during these challenging times.

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Tips, Tools and Strategies for Managing COVID-19 and Safety with Children

Learn how to support your child adhering to the basics of COVID-19 safety.

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Additional Supportive Resources for Children in the Pandemic

Dr. Bartley's COVID-19 Journey adobe icon

A fun coloring and activity book to learn about COVID-19.



Download a list of children's books and resources for communicating with your child about topics like germs, handwashing and feelings. adobe icon

Webinar Recordings

COVID Coping Check-up for Parents of Teens | Oct. 26, 2020

COVID Coping Check-up for Parents of Preschoolers to Preteens | Nov. 9, 2020

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